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 We build rifles. Each one a classic.

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Single Shot Rifles

For more than 35 years, the craftsmen at Fenris Wolf Arms have continued to create custom firearms with the pride traditional handmade American artisanship.

Custom Orders

Designed for daily use, each of our custom guns is created with interchangeable pieces that allow you to create a gun suitable for every occasion.

New I Series

The latest gun product offering from our company is the I Series. Each rifle is custom built to your standards from numerous custom options.
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Read a great article by Jeff Quinn, with more than fifteen detailed photos!

About Us

Own a piece of American craftsmanship when you purchase a rifle from Fenris Wolf Arms in Red Oak, Oklahoma. Our owner, Jim Fleming, utilizes his more than 35 years of experience, passion, and knowledge to create beautiful, yet fully functional rifles. The fact that we remain one of the country's leading handmade rifle manufacturers, even through tough economic times, is a testament of our dedication to quality and service. Our custom-built rifles are approved by both the Single Action Shooting Society or SASS, and the NRA.

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Member of the NRA National Rifle Association and the Monett Rifle Club