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 We build rifles. Each one a classic.

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Specialty Custom Single Shot Rifles

Add a classic rifle to your collection with a rifle from Fenris Wolf Arms in Red Oak, Oklahoma. We specialize in building custom single shot rifles.

Centuries of Design

We take our design cues and inspiration from the best fire arm ideas of 19th century and beyond. By adding a few custom touches and internal concepts, we create the best single shot rifles available.

Easy Dismantling

One excellent and functional feature is the Stevens Semi Take Down Screw that allows you to take the rifle down into two pieces. This makes for easy storage in small areas such as a backpack. Another great feature is the ability to use any number of different barrels that you care to order.

Hand Built Quality

Each rifle is hand built individually to your specifications keeping in mind the intended use. We ensure the action is inherently accurate by making certain that the face of the breach block and face of the front of the receiver are parallel to within 1,000th of an inch.

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