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 We build rifles. Each one a classic.

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Usable Custom Guns

Our products are not just any rifle; they are a platform on which to build over time. Created with simple internal mechanics and interchangeable barrels, Fenris Wolf Arms in Red Oak, Oklahoma, knows that the less parts a gun contains, the less possibility of malfunction.

Daily Use

Our custom fire arms are designed for repeated use, every day, all day. They are constructed to withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

Blue Gun - Custom Guns
Close Up - Custom Guns

Easy Repair

We exert a lot of effort into making each piece simple and durable. Without many small parts in them, maintenance is easy. Case and point, every trigger return spring we have ever used is nothing but a safety pin with the head cut off, so if you lose it, don't panic! It is easily replaced with a common safety pin.

Kit Guns

Our product line includes a Kit Gun, which allows you to do some of the work and save money in the process. Several lever styles are available and other features are available to customize your rifle according to your needs. Choose options such as barrel weight, sights, or scopes.

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